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Style In The City: A New York State of Mind

So Bowtees hopped over the Atlantic to the super stylish melting pot of  NEW YORK CITY - and my oh my what a trip. From the characters that were encountered to the hypnotic beats of people walking by in their influential attire, every last moment was a breath of intoxicating fresh air.

This big juicy apple is one of those places where you can really be who you are, F***K what everybody thinks and wear what you've really got your heart set on. So there was no better place to kick off Bowtees stateside than the city as famous for it's trendsetting inhabitants as it is for that very impressive lady of Liberty.

Bowtees in New York City: Fashion Blog

The people of NYC are different from anything you have ever imagined, the way people act and do things is completely bonkers in the most magnificent way! (Just how we like it). I remember being at a pizza takeaway on 6th street when I was approached by two people, a guy and girl - the lady said " I love your coat, its soooo soft and furry, can I have it? And what's this you're wearing that a bow's on a t-shirt? Cool! Where are you guys from?" We got talking and I showed them some of our key pieces on our Instagram, and they were seriously excited by what they were seeing. They made me feel so comfortable like the faux fur coat I had on my back. I can truly say they were lovely people that really made me feel like I was at another worldly crazy home that I wanted to stay in for a whole lot longer. Not 10 minutes later, a crowd appeared, I'd say 20 people outside the pizza place, a guy dressed in a long black coat was dancing like he heard the best music in his head. When he took it off he was naked, wearing just a red I love this city. 

We took to the streets wearing the latest styles from our collection, and the feedback was...mind-blowing. We love what we do, we love what we create and we love that we can make other people feel good...but there is always something so incredible when somebody says how much they love our unique bow tie pieces. Be it a t-shirt, a snapback, sweater or hoody. We had orders, we had compliments, we had critiques, we had love, we had fun...we had an NYC experience to rival all others.